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VFLSC Partner Page

This is a page to share information and resources from our partner organizations. Send an email if you would like to learn more about our partners.

We are happy to help. 

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If you need anything or have questions, please reach out to one of the SO State Team leads below.


VA Sound Off State Team Leads:

Alberta Volunteer Fire Department

J.D. Jenkins

Public Education Specialist

(804) 921-6631


Virginia Fire Marshal Academy

Virginia Department of Fire Programs

Chief Kenneth Brown

CRR Manager


Virginia Beach City Fire Department

Jessica Xenakis

Life Safety Education Coordinator

(757) 385-2875

Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol


The “Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol” program is a fantastic and FREE resource for fire safety education.

Sound Off Program Objectives

• To educate children and their families about smoke alarms, including the sounds they make, the need for monthly testing, and their life-saving importance

• To foster a community approach to fire safety by forging partnerships among students, families, educators, fire personnel, and life safety educators

• To connect families that do not have enough working smoke alarms in their homes with local fire safety officials


What’s so GREAT about Sound Off?

  1. It’s FREE!

  2. The videos correspond with the lessons- easy for anyone to press play (whether is a classroom teacher, firefighter, or community volunteer).

  3. Consistent and up-to-date, age-appropriate messaging that aligns with 2nd/3rd grade core curriculum standards.

  4. Sound Off for Firefighters E-Learning Course- Learn how to get started!

  5. Digital resources: (narrated storybook, videos, app for download, whiteboard activity)

  6. Worksheets: available in English, Spanish, and standard/simplified literacy versions.

  7. Access to FREE smoke and CO alarms for your home safety visits (as supplies last per grant cycle)

  8. Program Evaluation tools: pre/post-tests & surveys

  9. Letter Templates: All the letters you need for school administration, parents, the fire chief

  10. Coming Soon: Sound Off Online!- Modules for students that will include dashboards so that you see progress by classroom/school and analytics are captured at the state and national level. 


What is expected of me as a new VA Sound Off Team?

  1. Take “Sound Off for Firefighters” E-Learning Course

  2. Start small. Pilot the program in one class or one school, one group… then expand.

  3. Track your data and report annually to the state team lead.


Sound Off is funded by a FEMA grant and depends on you to manage inventory counts and reporting. You will be required to report these numbers each school year (Sept 1-Aug 31), so please keep records of your activity.

How many classroom presentations were made by the Local Team Leader and partners?

How many 2nd grade classrooms received the project?

How many 3rd grade classrooms received the project?

How many classroom students received the project?

How many students received the project in non-traditional settings? (summer camps, clubs, etc.)

How many home safety visits were made?

How many home fire drills were done? Observed?

How many smoke alarms were installed?

How many CO alarms were installed?

How many Lifetones were installed?

Current Inventory available at VDFP for VA Sound Off Teams

Ionization alarms, photoelectric alarms, CO alarms, HOH alarms (limited), teaching kits and storybooks. Please let the state team leads know what you need. (As supplies are available).


The Tidewater Fire Educators Network is a group of educators and firefighters who meet to share ideas and strategic information. Find out if you have a local network and get involved. If you are not sure if you have a Fire Educator Network in your region, send us an email and we will try to help you. 

Virginia Fire Chiefs Association

image (4)_edited.jpg

Join VFCA!

Please remember to select the Life Safety/ Community Risk Reduction Section on your application. This helps the VFCA maintain communication and support for the fire service and for LS/CRR members across the Commonwealth. Your membership in the Virginia Fire Chiefs Association makes you a member of the Virginia Fire Chiefs Foundation, the companion non-profit educational organization that offers educational seminars, and the scholarship program. The VFCA supports networking opportunities such as the Sound the Alarm Summit, where you can connect with other fire service personnel from around the state who share your concerns.

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