• JD Jenkins

So what is going on in your life right now?

How has Covid 19 affected you, your family, your job? Are you stuck at home, homeschooling the children? Are you out of work, working from home or working to take care of the rest of us? During these unprecedented times we are all putting in long hours, each doing what they have to do or need to do during these times.

For years Firefighters, Law Enforcement and EMS have been called heros for good reason. But now people are recognizing the many other often unseen heroes, those that are giving their all providing care for the sick. These heroes are caring for the people directly affected by the virus, putting themselves in potential harms way. but let's not forget those that are not involved in patient care that are still in harm's way. They provide the administrative side of the services, those that handle the cleaning duties and the people that keep the supplies moving. What would happen to patient care without them?

We also need to look at the rest of the people taking care of us. How often to you tell the clerk ringing your order up or the people stocking the shelves thank you for being here. And we also need to be aware of the people that have been laid off or are out of work, they are concerned with paying bills and surviving without the funds to pay bills or buy what needed.

And then there are those folks that are buying the 2-3 months of groceries and supplies with the "I am going to get mine, everyone else is on their own" attitude. I think we all need to look around after this current crisis is over and think about how people responded when under pressure. The heroes are the ones that took care of their families and others, followed the rules and are looking forward to the future.

So what does the future hold? We really don't know yet, it is always changing and evolving. And we as educators need to be ready for whatever is coming, it is our job to teach and educate. What we will be offering and how we will be delivering it still remains to be seen but we know that education should be a priority. It is up to us to reach out, network and work with other groups to be more effective and efficient in all that we do. It is still amazing to me that people had to be taught to "wash their hands and keep their distance", these are things taught in preschool and kindergarten. Do we need to evaluate what our topics should be?

The VFLSC is here to support you, please support the Coalition as well. Attend meetings (in person or online), share your ideas and programs, assist when you can with Coalition requests and lets support each other. And if you are feeling the stress of the current situation reach out to someone, if you are not comfortable talking to people you know or work with find someone to talk to. I am here and willing to talk or find you someone to talk to, please know that anything you discuss with me will be kept confidential. This is a time we need to be there for each other.


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