September 2016

December 15, 2016

Meeting Date: September 8, 2016

Location:  Virginia Department of Fire Programs , Glen Allen, VA

President:  James Strother

Begin Time:  10:00

End Time: 11:45

Minutes Submitted By:  Kathleen Gill



John Hallman

Cori Johnson

Cheryl Hays

Kimberly Rideout

J.D Jenkins

Karen Will

James Strother

Tyler Jessup

Kathleen Gill

Keith  Arnold

Jon Reinmuth



Cori Miller-Hobbs

Ron Reynolds




President's Report:

Last month at DFP officials met on Fire Fatalities in VA.  So far in 2016 we have had 46 fire deaths in VA.

Jimmy was invited to sign a letter concerning the statewide fire prevention code---Billy Shelton and John Ainslie

Has a print out so group can see.


Vice President's Report:

Community Risk Reduction for State---Steering Committee and Stake Holders

Conference Announcement

Website will be up once funds are set up—Option for online store and ability to pay on line was chosen at $204 a year with us revisiting in 6 months to make sure this is best option for us.


Secretary's Report:

Minutes are sent out electronically and hard copies are brought to meetings.

Correction for last set of minutes:  Adding Kimberly Rideout to attendees.


Treasurer's Report:


Curtis is closing the account and sending a check

Current members of the board will be on the new checking account once it is established.


Immediate Past President:

No report




Conference Committee:

Discussed Networking Event and suggested we do it in for form of a Vendor Set-Up.  Red Cross and Safe Kids are just a few possibilities. 

Kimberly, Sabrina, and Cori to head project.


Membership Committee:

VA  Beach, Chesterfield, and Rockingham hold organizational memberships and we do have a current list with individual members.


Professional Development Committee:

Fire and Life Safety Educator 1 and 2---Tim Hansboro

Communicating with Your Community

Some departments are requesting Educator 1 and CWYC for Recruit School.  Would like to suggest Line Officers take Educator 1

IFSTA Manual—James and Bartlett coming out with book- 1035 with all 6 parts of the standard--FLSE-1,2,3, YouthFiresetting 1 and 2, PIO


Partner Organizations


NFPA Report:

Looking in on how to record Webinars and checking into if it is currently being done.—Can ask Meredith who will be presenting “ Remembering When” at the Sound the Alarm Conference.

Safe Kids with NFPA Home Fire Safety Drill—October 15

Kits are downloadable from Safe Kids: Example—Fire Safety/Water Safety

State Farm has grants beginning Sept. 1


VDFP & State Fire Marshal's Office:

Community Risk Reduction

Still need to name the State Fire Marshal


Virginia Department of Health/Center for Injury and Violence Protection:



VA Dept of Forestry:



Safe Kids:

Cori Miller-Hobbs reporting:  New Safe Kids Coalition in Williamsburg.  She has a list of coalitions across the state.

Distracted Driver’s Conference coming up at end of September.

Safe Kids Conference will be in Baltimore Maryland July 27-29

Education not only with Prevention but also Trauma

Lead agency wants  you need to be able to devote at least 20 hours a week to be a Safe Kids Coordinator.  There is an annual report.   Each coalition ties into at least 3 areas of prevention for children.


Regional Organizations


Central VA:

Sabrina calling some central VA agencies to try to get the group together again.


Northern VA:




Shenandoah Valley: 

Wanda is retiring.  Smoke alarm campaign October 15/School Programs/Tyler working with Karen/Wanda and Erin have FPW at Mall.


Tidewater VA:

Kim Rideout reporting for TFEN---Hampton discussed Juvenile Court and Burn Survivors at last meeting.


Old Business:

Website--$204 and year ($17 a month to start up.) It comes with a free domain if we need it---hoping to keep current one.  The website is to include a resource list with specific up-to-date programs with current messaging.


New Business:

JD would like to gather a list of past Shining Star and Governor’s Awards recipients.


Cappy Meredith has been inducted as a lifetime member.  She was one of the founders of the coalition.  Earl Webb and Eric Stone were also on the original board.


Red Cross is looking to partner up with fire departments nationally to assist with providing smoke alarms to citizens in need.  They will provide a regular amount of smoke alarms each month and then more when we do a blanket event.  James City County has had great success and we hope to have a spokesperson visit us soon.


Jimmy will be resending out a letter to the membership at large requesting 3 individuals to be added to the board as members at large and standing committee chairs.  This will assist in streamlining our procedures. 


Those interested in helping at the state fair, it will take place from September 23-October 2.  You are requested to wear a uniform shirt while working.


Adjournment 11:45








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