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Governor's Award

Frances Thompson is a fire service professional dedicated to exploring and improving prevention options for community risk reduction. With over 12 years of hands-on experience in school systems teaching and learning with students of all ages, Frances brings the perspective and understanding of a seasoned, classroom teacher to the world of public safety prevention education. She is a pioneering authority in the usage of digital technology in fire and life safety education and was awarded the Governor’s 2016 Virginia Fire Service Award for Excellence in Virginia Community Risk Reduction. Currently, Frances is the chairperson of the Tidewater Fire Educator Network, an active member of the Virginia Fire and Life Safety Coalition and proudly works as a public educator for the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue.

Fran Thompson

Shining Star

Fred X. Turck has 38 years of professional experience with the Virginia Department of Forestry. Began work with the DOF as a Forester in Prince Edward County, moved to Sussex County and then was promoted to a District Forester working in the Waverly Region. For the last 20 years has been a member of the DOF Central Office Resource Protection Division. As an Assistant Director of the Protection Division his program areas include Wildfire Prevention and Education, Prescribed Fire and Wildland Urban Interface/Firewise coordination.

A graduate of Syracuse University/NY State Ranger School and Virginia Tech. Professional accomplishments include writing the legislation which became law establishing Virginia’s Certified Prescribed Burn Managers Program and several agency informational documents. He serves on several committees, including the National Wildfire Coordinating Groups Communication, Education and Prevention Committee.



Fred is only the 3rd person to have been nationally recognized with Bronze, Silver and Gold Smokey Bear Award, in addition he has been honored to receive the VA Governors Fire Service Award for Fire Prevention,  the Southern Regions Browning award and the Northeast McNamara Award, and now the Shining Star Award from the Virginia Fire and Life Safety Coalition . He has published several articles in various magazines and other publications. Fred is nationally recognized for his work with firewise and wildfire prevention and has helped established Virginia as a leader in this area.

Fred Turck

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